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TomCat XR

Power : 36v | Max Run Time: 5 Hours 
Water Capacity: 246/295 ltrs
Scrub Widths 86cm – 116cm

The XR large rider scrubber dryer is built on a solid steel chassis, with HD motors & electronic brush pressure for class leading results. Built to “live & last”  in the industrial environment, all XR models come with a three year manufacturers warranty included as standard.

Our most productive scrubber the XR is easy to handle, simple to use & maintain. XR scrubbers are available in two different scrub styles to better clean large facilities with different floor types.

See the difference a TomCat XR will produce on make to your floor with a free no obligation demonstration.

Scrub Deck Styles

TomCat XR large ride-on scrubber dryers are available with two brush deck styles & a range of tooling to get the best from your hard floors. From large commercial facilities with prestige flooring to scrubbing & sweeping warehouses in one easy operation. 

Disc Deck : Disc configuration is the most popular & versatile of all scrub deck styles, does a great job on a whole range of hard flooring.

Cylinder Deck : Cylindrical decks scrub the floor & sweep the debris in the same operation, eliminating the need to pre-sweep.


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Disc Scrub Deck

Widths 86, 102 & 114cm

Cylinder Scrub Deck

Widths 86,102 & 117cm

TomCat 03+ System

Reduces the need for harmful chemicals in the floor cleaning process, tap water is converted to aqueous ozone which is a powerful natural oxidiser, the aqueous ozone is generated “On board & On demand” at the flick of a switch. The operator can also choose to use chemical from the on board Suds reservoir if required.


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