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 ” Compact & powerful walk-behind scrubber dryer “

Chemical free floor cleaning with the compact & powerful Tomcat Disc MicroMini battery powered walk-behind scrubber drier with On-Board Zer03 Aqueous Ozone system

TomCat Sport with EDGE oscillating technology, Zero3 & Suds

TomCat MicroMini Disc Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer

Compact powerful battery powered walk-behind scrubber drier with disc brush decks.

  • Adjustable electonic brush pressure
  • Two scrub widths 43cm & 51cm
  • Large battery 24v pack
  • Available with motor or brush assist traction
  • Powerful traction motor





EDGE Scrubber Driers from TomCat use a high speed rectangular oscillating plate, combined with high pad pressure for outstanding hard floor cleaning and preparation. EDGE Scrubber Driers remove floor seal without water or chemicals, sand and prepare wood floors, clean grout and ceramic tiles, renovate epoxy floors or just clean your hard floors to a much higher standard. Edge floor cleaning & preparation equipment is available with a large range of pads, screens and special tools that clean right to the EDGE.

Specialist Tools

Abrader Plate – Removes Cement Glues

Grout Pad – Cleans grout lines & safety flooring

Micro Fibre Pad – Cleans carpet & safety flooring

Sand Screens – Sanding & polish removal

Sand Paper – Dust Free Floor Sanding

White Magic Pads – Cleans ceramic, safety & painted floors

Maintenance Pads

Red – Light Cleaning

Blue Pad – Medium Duty Cleaning

Green Pad – Heavy Duty Cleaning

Black Pad – Stripping Removing Floor Seal

Used for removing large layers of polish

Maroon Pad – Heavy Duty Stripping

Prep Pad – Used Wet or Dry for removing seal

Cleans : Vinyl – Altro – Terrazzo – Marble – Rubber – Ceramic – Grout – Concrete – Epoxy – Painted Floors

More information or a demonstration on the EDGE MicroMini

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