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Tomcat has built its reputation by building tough practical floor cleaning equipment which is simple in design & robust in construction with the ability to clean a range of hard floors without using harsh chemicals or tooling. Tomcat floor scrubbing & preparation equipment is manufactured with pride in the United States & sold through over 350 approved dealers in 36 countries across the world.

The EDGE range from TomCat utilises the power of oscillation to clean hard floors that traditional disc & cylinder scrubbers find difficult. From a small hand held machine for stairs & edges right through to large walk-behind & ride-on models for larger floor cleaning & preparation tasks.

EDGE NANO 240v  – Oscillating Scrubber for small areas
TomCat EDGE Nano small area floor cleaner




EDGE ISO 240/110v  –  Oscillating Scrubber for Floor Cleaning &Preparation

Sands – Diamond Polishes – Dry Strips – Wet Strips – Cleans & More




TomCat MicroMini Edge – Compact Walk-Behind Oscillating Scrubber Drier

TomCat Sport Edge – Small / Medium Walk-Behind Oscillating Scrubber Drier

TomCat Carbon Edge Medium / Large Walk-Behind Oscillating Scrubber Drier

TomCat Hero Edge – Large Walk-Behind Oscillating Scrubber Drier


TomCat Pro Edge – Ride-on Oscillating Scrubber Drier

Go Chemical Free with a TomCat Floor Scrubber

The TomCat EDGE chemical free system has long been known for its ability to provide deep cleaning, without detergents thanks to the power of oscillation. This year sees another practical innovation that takes it to the next level,  Zer03 utilises aqueous ozone, a 100% natural, safe and effective hard surface cleaner. Aqueous ozone can reduce or eliminate pollution, packaging, transportation and chemical miles, while delivering better and less expensive cleaning results. Chemical free, reduces energy use, smog, oil consumption, and greenhouse gases while cleaning naturally and providing better sustainability for the environment.

What’s innovative about Tomcats aqueous ozone system?

The system has now been incorporate into our range of floor scrubber driers allowing for aqueous ozone to be generated on-board and on-demand with no degradation in the product or performance.

Chemical Free Floor Cleaning

In this video you can see the TomCat Sport EDGE removing layers of ground in dirt & grime, the amazing this is we are doing this without chemical & there is no harm to the floor covering or the environment.

If you would like to see the power of oscillation on your floor, please give us a call & we will be happy to undertake a free demonstration

0800 313 4336

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What is EDGE ?

Powerful oscillating floor
cleaning & preparation
equipment, designed to
eliminate or reduce the
use of harmful chemicals.

What is  ?

On board system that
converts tap water into
a cleaning solution.

What is ?


On demand chemical injection system for your scrubber drier.

The Suds chemical dosing system is included with the Zer03 package, enabling the operator to choose

Contract Hire

Contract hire any of the TomCat range of Scrubber Drier, Sweeper or Floor Preparation Equipment for up to five years, with periodical maintenance included. 

TomCat CRZ 


Compact highly maneuverable ride-on scrubber drier with a solid steel chassis & powerful 36v motors 

TomCat EDGE + Zero3 Machines ideal for FM

The largest order to date of Edge machines fitted with Zero3 for chemical free floor cleaning, supplied through one of our dealers to a large FM company who were impressed with the robust nature & innovation on offer from Tomcat.

Great work from the TC team in getting them delivered to 14 sites across the country in the worst weather of the year so far.

The same floor cleaned with EDGE + Zer03

In a single pass clean the reading on an ATP meter was reduced from 1157 to 90, which means we can now clean without using harmful chemicals, reducing the carbon footprint of the floor cleaning process.

New 2000sq/ft Showroom & Education Centre

You can now view & trial the complete range of TomCat commercial floor cleaning & preparation equipment in our new purpose built training centre. We are offering free training courses on the correct use & general maintenance of our equipment, with specialist subjects such as: chemical free cleaning, chemical free stripping & floor sealing , natural stone polishing & wood floor restoration.

Our 1 day courses can be tailored to suit your requirements & include refreshments a buffet style lunch for up to 8 people

Tomcat Edge Stick Machine
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